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Traveling in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Traveling in Sarajevo, Bosnia

We are Jenn and Jason, a newly(ish) married couple from Toronto, Canada.  I had always dreamed of traveling the world for a year.  Shortly after Jason and I started dating, I told him about this dream of mine.  Chalk it up to the fact that we had just started dating, but Jason (romantically) declared that he’d follow me around the world if I wanted to go.  Fast forward a couple of years and shortly after we got married, we decided to make that dream a reality.  And so began our plan to press pause on real life so we can live out that dream of wandering the globe with little more planned than a one-way flight out of the country to Colombia, South America.

As of right now, we want to spend a few months in South America and then a few months in Asia.  But we’ll see where the wind takes us.

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I was at the same River Colon game in August. You made the smartest decison of your trip by seeing River. The area is a lot nicer than la boca and the fans are much more civilized and educated. Just look at International fan days of each club. River had a 7,800 meter flag , 140,000 fans and no incidents. Boca fans fought with the cops, trashed the Center near the obelisk, with 2 dead, many hurt and over 40 arrests

    • Thanks for the comment, Mark! Glad to know that we made the right choice that day. We had a great time watching River Plate play – what a classy bunch of fans!

  2. nice site, heading to peru/bolivia in a month.. do you know the name of the mom/pop place in lima where you found the best ceviche??

    • HI Ryan, thanks for visiting. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of this ceviche place because it was located at the back of a little market. I’m not sure whether it even had any signage. It’s found in a little market on Union Jr. street in the Barranco neighbourhood of Lima. Walk past the trinket stalls to the back, and there are a couple of wooden tables and stools. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t gone on extensive travels lately but still actively monitor the blog and respond to comments and questions about travel. Glad you found it useful when planning your travels and would be flattered to be featured on your blog 🙂


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