Travels of Yum?

So what’s the deal with the weird blog name?

Machu Picchu, Peru

Fog finally lifting at Machu Picchu, Peru

First of all, it’s a mash-up of our last names. I had half-jokingly proposed this name to Jason when we were talking about whether I would take his last name when we got married. He didn’t buy it. “We can name our child, Tom” I pointed out. He still didn’t buy it. So I’ve decided to immortalize this awesome gem of a surname through our travel blog.

La Cueva de Esplendor

A self-portrait in at La Cueva de Esplendor in Jardin, Colombia

La Paz, Bolivia

On the streets of La Paz, Bolivia

Second, we LOVE to eat. Especially when we travel. I have to admit, we have planned travel destinations based purely on food. So what better way to combine our two loves of traveling and eating?

Ceviche stall food (Lima, Peru)

The best ceviche we had in Lima, Peru, tucked away in a little food stall in the Barranco district.

Spicy pork & banchan (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Spicy pork & ssam accompanied with amazing banchan in Jeju, South Korea.

La Trucheria in Jardin, Colombia

Fresh trout we caught (and ate for lunch) at the Trout Farm in Jardin, Colombia

Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in travel and eating.

14 thoughts on “Travels of Yum?

      • Jennifer and Jason:
        Thanks for the reply. Are you still in coast of Columbia ?
        Is it better and more beautiful over there…? Have both of you recovered from the bed bugs… It remind us those bugs when we were boy in China.
        Have fun and safe trip…

      • Thanks dad, we’re pretty much recovered now. The coast of Colombia was beautiful.. will talk to you soon 🙂

  1. Hi Jenn and Jason!
    I love your dad’s comments Jenn…too cute! love to hear about your travels – and let me know about any unique desserts or chocolates you might encounter! We’re still busy at the shop!

  2. How is Peru? Is it hot there? I think that the route to Peru is better than Argentina…
    What is the temperature of Argentina now ? Where are the pictures of Peru ?
    Have you seen some thing interesting yet ?
    will it look like Mexico ? I hope not…
    We are doing good and Mike was home on the weekend…
    Hope you doing well and have fun on the safe trip.

  3. It is good to review some of your comment of the food in Colombia… Yes the soup look good and yummy… Have you learn how to make them ? It is good to ask the chef once you taste the good one… It will be marvelous experience if you learn them and the recipe at the same time to have fun trip… Would you agree ? It will bring some things interesting on your travel daily notes and good memory when you review them again after the end of the yummy tour…
    Have delicious dish when you have fun on the road… be safe and happy also…

  4. The sea food salad and soup look very well in colour and tasted for sure. No building yet ?
    or historical site ?
    We will be on the Civic holiday weekend in Canada soon. You all look well and Jason have been recovered from the sickness. Glad to see the pictures and know that you all all right…
    Have good food and fun tour.

  5. How are you ? Have not seen you for almost a week… Are both of you ok in Peru ? Please let us know once you reach the internet… Any interesting or historical stuff lately ? Have you heard any thing about wizer ? miss him…also.
    We will have party of uncle Allan Mak this Saturday for his 70 year birthday party.
    Hope to hear you soon… Be safe and be happy also

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