We’re here!

I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to our trip. Oh no, I’m not talking about the 6-month adventure we were about to embark on. I’m talking about the 20-hour trip to Bogota. The one where we had to :

  • catch a bus from Toronto to Buffalo at midnight (after cleaning, packing, moving for 16 hours)
  • sleep over at the Buffalo airport (which Jason and I have now pretty much perfected to a T, especially after we slept outside the airport in Saigon, Vietnam on the first night of our honeymoon…but that’s another story..or blog post)
  • catch a flight from Buffalo to Orlando
  • catch a flight from Orlando to Bogota

So you can imagine my relief when I saw this on my airplane seat monitor: We’re finally here!

Bogota, Colombia

We’ve arrived!

We arrived at our hostel to find a charming little courtyard, replete with colourful hammocks, palm trees, and a fridge stocked full of cold beer.

Our colourful hostel (Bogota, Colombia)

Our colourful hostel in Bogota

Unfortunately, our actual room was rather bleak and depressing-looking, so I tried my hand at making myself comfortable in the hammock. Hammocks – I have never been able to figure them out. People always look so comfortable lounging in hammocks. So anytime there’s a hammock, I climb in and try to find a comfortable spot. I’ve never been successful in my attempts to comfortably lounge in a hammock…this time was no different (as you can tell from my awkward pose..and awkward smile).

Jenn vs Hammock

Jenn vs. hammock

After our brief, little struggle, the hammock and I called a truce and I trudged back up to our bleak little room. Oh hammock, we will meet again another day.

16 thoughts on “We’re here!

  1. Yes I can relate to the gross grimy feeling of long travel but happy to hear that you’ve arrived safely…let the fun begin!

  2. Hey Jenn & Jason,
    Glad to hear you guys arrived to your 1st destination safely! =) Hope you can start relaxing and really enjoy your well deserved time off after all the madness of getting ready for the trip =) Love you guys & Miss you already!
    Luv, Ange ~^.^~

  3. Hey Jason and Jen! I just read your blog and it looks really exciting haha, I hope you guys have a fun and safe trip there and back! – your cute nephew, John (just kidding)

  4. Hello Jason and Jennifer, both of you did a great job preparing for your exciting trip. I am very proud of you both and I hope the two of you stay safe during the trip. Nice pictures! God bless you both~

  5. Hammocks and I don’t get along either…
    So is it ‘travels of yum’ because you guys are going to be eating awesome delicious food? Or is yum the plural of Yim? Yes, that was corny; deal with it.
    Weezer says ‘Hello, miss you guys!’…..or more specifically, ‘Whimper, whimper whimper!’.

    • Awww Weezer! We miss him too. And you too, of course 🙂 there’s a whole section describing why it’s called “travels of Yum”. And you are surprisingly close in your guesses 🙂 haha

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